Thursday, May 2, 2013

Upload: Episode 20 - The Plumber's Express

Hope everyone had a fun time with Bill and Ben last week. This week we get another adventure with our green friend Henry. Yes Henry has learned his lessons about brake vans so he won't be having that problem again. This time he gets into an argument with Gordon about a special train of plumbers that Sir Topham Hatt asks him to pull. Hope everyone enjoys this week's episode "The Plumber's Express"

I love the rain scenes at the beginning of this episode. I liked it so much that I actually designated episodes in Seasons 2 & 3 to specifically have cloudy background and the rain effect on the video. It should be good. I haven't filmed it yet though. I'm still working on finishing everything with Season 1 and then constructing all the new little buildings I'm going to use. So that's a little update on current production.

In this episode, a flood after a rain storm ruined the plumbing system at the village in the valley. So a special train of expert plumber's was hired to repair the village. Sir Topham Hatt asked Henry to take the train. Gordon thinks this is a ridiculous train to take. He thinks that plumber's have a nasty job and don't deserve respect. This makes Henry sad. On his way to pick up the train he fills up on water. While he is filling up, garbage from the storm that was left in the water tower is now in Henry's tanks. Henry is later taking the train and has a pain in his pipes. The crew isn't sure of what to do, but they found out that the plumbers do. So the plumber's come to Henry's rescue.

This is a good episode on remembering that even if someone does a dirty job, they still deserve respect. Everyone should be respected no matter what. There is a certain level of respect that everyone deserves just because they are a person. Be polite unlike Gordon too. Come back next Thursday for an episode that might just conclude Gordon & BoCo's arguments in "The New Fuel"

Watch the episode below!

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