Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Upload: Episode 11 - Gordon & the Farmer's visitor

Hope everyone enjoyed the two part adventure about Oliver and Mavis trying to do Percy's jobs. This week we're going back to the mainline to check in on our big friend Gordon the express engine. Last time we saw Gordon he got banned from taking the express after his incident with Henry and the express.


Now Gordon is back and working as hard as ever. He is very pleased to be pulling the express again. During his time off he had to shunt lots of trucks in dirty sidings and pull long goods train. If you know anything about the classic Gordon then you know how much he dislikes trucks. He even slid into a ditch to prevent him from pulling them.

In this episode Sir Topham Hatt is in yet another predictament. A special train of cattle arrived at the docks and no one is there to take it. Sir Topham Hatt knows that Gordon won't take it if he tells him it's trucks. So Sir Topham Hatt has come up with a clever idea. Since the cattle is only coming for a little while Sir Topham Hatt decides to call it "The Farmer's Special Visitor" to trick Gordon into thinking its some special guest.

When Gordon hears the about a special guest he is excited to take the train. When he gets to the docks he does notice that something is strange. His driver tries to make him think that everything is normal. Gordon believes him and hurries to take the visitor to the farm. On the way though Gordon can't help but notice how the visitor seems to be acting so strange. Toby meets Gordon at a junction and Toby can immediately tell that it is cattle. He tries to tell Gordon, but Gordon doesn't want to believe that he is taking dirty trucks instead of a special visitor. Will Gordon ever learn?

Be sure to check back next Thursday to see Episode 12 "The Moaning Duck" Where our good friend Duck tries to get over some boiler troubles.

Watch the episode below!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Upload: Episode 10 - Haunted Jobs

Hope you all enjoyed last week's adventure with Oliver because guess what! We get to find out what happens after Oliver leaves for the works. This week we are proud to release Episode 10 - Haunted Jobs. It focuses on Mavis the quarry diesel who has to now go do Percy's work since Oliver is now in the works, but superstion starts to get the best of the engines and may cause Mavis some problems.

This episode follows directly after Oliver's Mail Train and now with Oliver gone and in the works there are two engines away. This is a problem for Sir Topham Hatt trying to make sure that all the work gets done. He needs to make some cuts. He decides that the other engines can help out at the quarry so he sends Mavis to try and do both Percy's and Oliver's work. This is an adventure for Mavis since she usually just stays up at the quarry.
Upon doing Percy's work she notices that the other engines act strange around her when she tells them that she is doing Percy's work. Thomas finally tells Mavis that they all think that Percy's jobs are haunted. Thomas predicts that since Percy got sick doing his jobs and Oliver got hurt doing Percy's jobs that Mavis is going to have something bad happen to her. Mavis is scared. The next day when her driver tries to get her to go to work, but Mavis won't go for fear that she might get hurt while doing Percy's Haunted Jobs. What will Mavis now do?
Hope you enjoy the episode and be sure to stop by and check out our Facebook page. Come back next Thursday for Episode 11 - Gordon & the Farmer's Visitor.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Upload: Episode 9 - Oliver's Mail Train

After a tale from Edward's branchline last week we are going to go to a different part of the island this week. This week we are pleased to release "Oliver's Mail Train" an all new originial story. This episode was filmed on 15 different sets with both day and night scenes. The story is mainly about Oliver and his life while trying to do Percy's work while he is away.

In this episode Percy hasn't been feelling well so Sir Topham Hatt asks Oliver if he would go do Percy's work in the yard and on Thomas' branchline. Oliver begrudgingly accepts and has to leave the Little Western for a while. He gets straight to work and is busy shunting and taking goods around the island. Oliver isn't too excited about all the work, but becomes really upset when he wants to go to sleep and instead has to pull the mail train. After a long night of work and barely any sleep Oliver and Duck want to figure a way to get Oliver back to the Little Western. Will their plan go too far?
In this episode there is reference made to "the time when Oliver went down the wrong track and ran into an old shed." This is from the 5th Season episode "Oliver's Find" When I originaly wrote this series and as I stated in previous posts that my series is written as if it's right after Season 4. I also stated earlier too that I wanted to include Season 5 because of the characters I could add to the series. This episode shows that it is one of the stories that takes place around the same time as Season 5. The events of "Oliver's Find" have already occured and there will be other times in my series where we mention something from Season 5 and it seems like a recent event. 
Hope enjoy this brand new episode and check back next Thursday to see Episode 10 "Haunted Jobs" which directly follows from this episode. Because now Mavis has to do Percy's jobs since Oliver and Percy are both at the works.
 Watch the episode below

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Upload: Episode 8 - Edward's Jammed Brakes

Hope you enjoyed last week's tale of Percy and his missing mail sacks. However this week we are pleased to release a brand new episode entitled "Edward's Jammed Brakes" This episode takes place on a very special line that wasn't really mentioned in the TV series, but was seen a lot in the Railway Series.

In this episode Edward has been working hard so he is beginning to have some problems from all his hard work. His brakes have begun to groan whenever he uses them. One day Edward has to pick up a train of china clay from Bill and Ben at the china clay works. Edward gets embarrassed when his brakes groan in front of them. The twins think it's funny. Edward is now upset. Later he is taking a passenger train up the branchline to Wellsworth station. He sees Henry at the platform and is afraid that Henry will laugh at him for his brakes. So Edward tries to not let his brakes moan. But instead he over shoots the platform and ends up jamming his brakes hard on. Now Edward really is embarrassed. Donald has to come to the rescue and gets tied up in this whole mess. Watch and see if Donald will be able to take Edward all the way to the works.
Edward's branchline is a unique part of Sodor. In the TV series it isn't really mentioned that it's Edward's, but all the locations appear in the series. In the Railway Series lots of stories take place on this line. Such as "Edward's Exploit" "Bertie's Chase" and many more. The line is connected to the mainline at Wellsworth Station. It then runs southward down Sodor til it reaches Brendham Docks at the end of the line. In the TV series Brendham is the most prominate harbour out of all of them on Sodor and is very busy. Most of the work on Edward's branchline is taking passengers and goods from the harbour to the mainline.
There is another line that stems from Brendham Docks. This branchline within a branchline is the line to the Sodor China Clay Works. Bill and Ben work here and take the chinia clay to the harbour. The twin engines also help out on Edward's branchline and do odd jobs around the docks. The branchline is too busy for just the twins and Edward. So BoCo works mainly on the branchline too and handles lots of the freight on the line. When the line is also extremely busy Donald and Douglas will come and help out too.
Edward's branchline and the china clay works will be appearing again and again throughout the series. So be sure to stop back often to see the latest of what's going on with these engines. Next week we will spend some time with Oliver the great western engine. He is going to have to do Percy's work while Percy is ill. Come back next Thursday to see this new episode "Oliver's Mail Train"
Watch the episode below!
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