Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Upload: Episode 7 - Wet Letters

Last week we got to enjoy Gordon at his usual with the express. This week we get to see another part of Sodor with Percy as he takes the mail. We are pleased to release episode 7 of the first season. It is entitled "Wet Letters" This was the first episode chronologically to be filmed only on individual sets. It was filmed on 7 different sets during the period of filming 40 sets in 2011.

In the newer Hit Entertainment series of Thomas & Friends the mail is only Percy's job and he usually pulls it during the day along with his other jobs. I'm not a big fan of the Hit Entertainment series and so I brought the mail train back to where it began back in Season 3 in "Thomas, Percy, & the Mail" The mail is delivered to the stations at night so that Tom Tipper and the other postmen can get the mail to everyone by morning. Also Percy isn't the sole engine of the mail train who takes it all around the island. The original mail system from Season 3 is seen. As a mainline mail train collects the mail from a ship at the docks and takes it to the different branchline terminals along the mainline so the mail and be productively shipped. Unlike in the newer series.

Donald is taking the mainline mail train tonight and delivers it to Percy at Thomas' branchline terminal (Knapford Station) Percy then takes the mail up the line to places like Elsbridge and Ffarquhar. Tonight Percy is in a rush after being delayed by Donald. He misses Tom Tipper and tries to go even faster. But when the crew unloaded the mail bags at Elsbridge a mail coach's door didn't lock properly and as Percy is puffing along the line the door bumps open and some mail falls into a river beside the tracks. Later Percy can't find the mail and is worried about what Sir Topham Hatt will do when he finds out.

We hope you enjoy a classic tale of Percy and the mail train and hope you come back next Thursday for an episode about Edward and the china clay twins in "Edward's Jammed Brakes"

Watch the episode below!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upload: Episode 6 - Don't Be Quick

We apologize for not uploading a normal episode last week, but hoped you enjoyed the plots from the prototype episodes. The camera work is pretty hard to enjoy. Today we are proud to release episode 6 of the first season. It is entitled "Don't Be Quick" This episode was actually not the first to be solely filmed on individual sets.
This episode was actually the first episode I attempted to film. Months before I filmed the prototype episodes. This episode was the first prototype. It was filmed with no senery and was very basic. After filming this I realized many mistakes with my camera and my computer. Correction of these mistakes eventually lead us to this version we have now.
This episode is a classic case for Gordon the express engine. He is being boastful and rude as he often is. So one day he boasts to Henry about how fast he is and gets mad at Henry for being late. Henry is upset. Later though Gordon doesn't want to look bad in front of Henry. So he is determinded to go faster than ever when pulling the express, but things take a turn for the worst when he gives the passengers a rough ride. They end up getting bounced around the coaches and their luggage gets damaged.
Once the express stops, an angry mob forms outside Sir Topham Hatt's office. Sir Topham Hatt recieves word of what Gordon has caused. So Sir Topham Hatt promises to pay for any damages and then goes with Henry to get to the bottom of this whole mess with Gordon. Sir Topham Hatt finds Gordon in the sheds and tells him to not be quick! We hope you enjoy this classic plot of Gordon and the express. Come back next week and learn about Percy and his trouble with the mail in "Wet Letters"
Watch the episode below
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Upload: Prototype Episodes

This week we are releasing not just one, but three episodes for our show. We would actually release four episodes but James and the tunnel trouble (aka: episode 2) was uploaded a few years ago. So instead we were releasing the other three episodes that were filmed alongside  James and the tunnel trouble. They are as follows: Toby's New Coach, Thomas' special guest, and Luck of the Scottish.

You may have already seen James and the tunnel trouble. But that's ok. This episode as well as the other three were filmed in 2009 when we were just barely getting started with the series. The quality is very poor. The camera work is very shaky and I was using a very basic program to edit it. We apologize in advance for the quality, but hope that this gives you an idea of where we've come from and what we've become. So in the story basically James teases Henry about stopping in his tunnel and James later runs out of steam in Henry's tunnel so Henry must come to the rescue.

In the episode Toby's New Coach, Toby is taking a long freight train along Thomas' branchline. When he arrives at a hill the heavy freight train is too much for Toby's coupling. It snaps and Henrietta and the rest of the train have to go for repairs. Toby is upset with Henrietta being gone, but even more upset when the temporary replacement coach is mean to him.

Later in Thomas' Special Guest, Thomas is asked to take Lady Hatt and her friends to meet with Sir Topham Hatt for a very special railroad meeting. Thomas is excited, but as he is taking the passenger train one of the guest's keeps remarking how Sir Topham Hatt needs to scrap these steam engines and get more Diesels like BoCo. Every time Thomas stops he becomes more and more upset with the guest. What will Thomas do about this guest?

Also in Luck of the Scottish, James is being careless and teasing as usual. One day when Donald gets home from a long day's work James teases Donald for his 'bad luck'. James says that Donald has Bad Luck of the Irish. Everyone is confused because James doesn't understand that Donald and Douglas are Scottish, not Irish. This irritates Donald and he tries to avoid James. While he is taking a goods train he gets stuck on the viaduct and only James can come and help him. Much to Donald's dismay. But as the two approach Knapford Station Donald's driver decides to pull a prank on James.

These 4 prototype episodes are very old (Almost 4 years!) and we apologize again for the poor quality. We knew though that there were at least some fans out there who would like to know what happened in episodes 3-5. If you don't like them very much, don't worry! These are so old that the writing style has been improved much and as you can see from the Prologue and the Clips that our new sets are so much more pleasing to watch.
Watch each protoype episode below
James & the Tunnel Trouble
Toby's New Coach
Thomas' Special Guest
Luck of the Scottish

Next week's episode: Don't be Quick!
(Normal, not prototype)
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upload: Thomas & Friends Prologue

This is the moment we have waited for, for 3 years. This has been an incredible journey and I'm personally glad that you could come and follow along. Today we are pleased to upload episode 1/30 for Season 1 of my New Original Tomica Thomas & Friends Series.

This first episode is entitled "Prologue" Because it doesn't fit in like a normal story. First of all there is no narrator in this episode, it is instead Thomas talking to you viewers. Second, this episode also takes place after the other 29 episodes in this season because as Thomas explains who each of his friends are he will also talk about the different adventures these friends encounter in the other 29 episodes.

The overall point of this episode is just to familiarize everyone with the series and the sets. As you can see none of the HiT entertainment characters or characters from the CGI era are appearing. This is because I stuck to the original classic series, mainly the first 4 seasons. So in a sense it can also follow along the lines as almost being a continuation of the Railway Series as well.

However as I began to write the second season I noticed that there were lots of undeveloped characters in the 5th series that I really loved when I was a child. So I decided to incorporate the 5th season of the original Thomas and Friends into my series. The timeline between the series goes as such.
  1. Season 1 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  2. Season 2 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  3. Season 3 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  4. Season 4 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  5. Season 1 of my Youtube series
  6. Season 5 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  7. Season 2 of my Youtube series
  8. My Feature Length Film (Currently in Production)
  9. Season 3 of my Youtube series
That is the timeline to which my series follows. I'm sure many of you are now going to be begging me and asking me to incorporate Seasons 6 & 7 and maybe even beyond so that characters like Emily, Salty, and Spencer can appear. I'm sad to dissappoint those of you who wish I would add them. I wish to stay close to the original series that was written by the Rev. W. Awdry so I will not be going beyond season 5 in the original Thomas & Friends series. I only incorporated Season 5 to add some more characters that I grew up loving.

Also many of you are probably wondering if I will be adding any characters of my own to the series. I can tell you the answer plain and simple. No. Mainly for 2 reason. First I hate the way that later in the series HiT Entertainment would introduce a character for one episode and then they would never be seen again. I personally believe that they miss out on so much story potential, but nevertheless I hate it because it is all for marketing.

The second reason is because I have seen alot of Youtube Thomas & Friends shows and several of them confuse me. Mainly because majority of the engines are ones they've made up. There is nothing wrong with that, but then it becomes less and less of the Thomas and Friends that we all grew up with. Those are the two main reasons why there will not be any new introduced characters in my series. I will say though that there may be background engines that will move around on the other railway, but none of them will be introduced and none of them will speak. So I hope you all get to enjoy the classic friends you love.

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Next week all 4 prototype episodes from 2009
will be uploaded for episodes 2-5.
We apologize in advance for their poor quality!
Check out Episode #1 The Prologue

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Upload: Clip: Trickity Track

Happy New Year! It seems hours before the New Year came our Youtube channel finally passed 1,000,000 views! We are very pleased about this since this is only the beginning and the show hasn't even been uploaded yet! We hope for millions of more views to come in the future. Also hours before 2013 all the paper work for the Narrow Gauge episodes for Seasons 2 & 3 were finished. This means that over the next few months filming will begin on Narrow Gauge sets.

This week we are proud to release a clip from the episode "Trickity Track" In the episode James is being careless as usual. Sir Topham Hatt needs Edward's help to take some workmen. Now no one is able to take Edward's goods train. So Sir Topham Hatt finds James at the Docks and asks for his help. It's up to James to deliver the goods train, but will he be careless and forget about Trickity Track?

In the clip you can see that Edward is taking a goods train down his branchline. Just a usual run, no problems. Edward soon reachs a bumpy track that he and BoCo call "Trickity Track" and as Edward goes over it the trucks laugh and sing a silly song. It's no problem for Edward because he has crossed over it many times. Come back again later to see more of what will happen to Trickity Track.

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Also, next week is January 10th, 2013 come back and be one of the first to see the first full new episode in my series.
The Prologue!

Check out the clip below!

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