Thursday, May 16, 2013

Upload: Episode 22 - Toby's Surprise Party

Well last week concluded the rivalry between Gordon and BoCo on who is better Steam engines or Diesel engines. I think Gordon will be good for quite a while now. One character who hasn't gotten much spot light in my series is getting an episode all to himself. This week's episode is entitled "Toby's Surprise Party" So I bet you can't guess who the main character of this episode is.

In this episode Lady Hatt wants to throw a surprise party for Sir Topham Hatt's Birthday. She wants to keep Sir Topham Hatt away from Knapford so they can setup the party by all the engines. Lady Hatt asks Toby if he'd be willing to take Sir Topham Hatt around. Toby is happy to. He picks Sir Topham Hatt up at Wellsworth and heads to the viaduct because he knows that Sir Topham Hatt will like the view from the viaduct. Sadly though while Sir Topham Hatt is standing on the bridge his hat gets blown off! Now Sir Topham Hatt is very upset and demands to go back to his office at Knapford Station so that he can grab another. (He doesn't like showing off his baldness.)
Toby knows that he can't take Sir Topham Hatt back so he takes him to the village in the valley to go find a new hat just for his birthday. Sir Topham Hatt goes to a hat store in the village, but doesn't find a shiny black top hat. The store is filled with funny colored hats. Sir Topham Hatt decides that a funny looking hat is better than no hat at all, so he buys himself a bright pink top hat. Toby can't help, but laugh when he sees the controller. Sir Topham Hatt is embarrassed and demands to go back to his office. Will Toby be able to keep Sir Topham Hatt away?
This episode shows how doing favors for friends can help one another. Toby was kind enough to help Lady Hatt out and look at the great party they had at the end because of it. Please like, share, and subscribe! Be sure to come back next Thursday for another brand new episode entitled "Hooray for Oliver"
Watch the episode below!

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