Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Upload: Episode 23 - Hooray For Oliver

Hope everyone enjoyed an adventure with out good old friend Toby. He didn't get very many episodes to himself this season, but I promise that in the future he will get more of his own. This week we get to see what it's like to be on the rescue team. No, not like The Sodor Search & Rescue Center in the cgi series. I personally find that a big waste of space. In this episode Thomas gets himself into some trouble so it's up to Oliver to save the day. This episode is entitled "Hooray for Oliver"

This episode begins with Thomas being a really useful engine taking coal cars up his branchline just like a normal day of work. However, when he crosses the red bridge part of the bridge collapses and Thomas' last two cars fall off the bridge. It's a terrible mess. Luckily, Oliver is in the yard and can come to help out. The yard manager tells him that he needs to collect two trucks of supplies, two flatbeds, the breakdown train, the works unit coach, and a truck full of ballast.
Oliver gets to work and collects the different trucks that the yard manager asked him to get. He even goes up the little western to collect the truck full of ballast. He doesn't realize that the truck he collected is Scruffey. Scruffey was put back together after the time that he tried to tease Oliver, but Oliver ended up pulling him entirely apart. Scruffey is out for revenge. Will he get it?
This episode just shows what the work that takes place in cleaning up after an accident is like. It's not very fun. So just don't make any messes and then you don't have to worry about cleaning them up. Be sure to come back next Thursday for our next adventure with Duck in "Things in Water"

Watch the episode below!

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