Thursday, April 25, 2013

Upload: Episode 19 - Inspector Troubles

Hope you liked last week's adventure with Percy and Mavis. It brought the idea forward of not "Steamies vs. Diesels" But how diesels have taken total control of the mainland. It doesn't make any sense to me that in the cgi series all these new engines appear from the mainland, but most of them are steam engines. It doesn't make any sense to me, but then again most of the cgi series doesn't.

In this episode we get to go back to the China Clay Works on Edward's Branchline. Edward, Bill, Ben, and BoCo are waiting at the docks for Gordon to arrive. Gordon shows up with a special inspector who is coming to inspect the branchline. The twins think he is funny. Gordon tries to warn them about the inspector, but it is no use.

Later Bill and Ben are asked to take two seperate trains. One is a line of empty trucks that need to go back to the China Clay Works and the other is full of fruit that need to go to Wellsworth Station. The dock's manager tells them 1 whistle for the track to Wellsworth, and 2 whistles for the track to the China Clay Works. Bill thought it would be funny to have fruit trucks at the China Clay Works so he whistles twice and goes down the wrong tracks. Ben comes later and gets sent down the wrong track. He puffs back and whistles twice to go to the China Clay Works. What will the inspector do when he finds out?

This is a good lesson on knowing the right place and the right time to do things like pranks. Be sure to come check back next Thursday for our next adventure. Episode 20 - The Plumber's Express!

Watch the episode below!

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