Thursday, May 9, 2013

Upload: Episode 21 - The New Fuel

Hope everyone enjoyed last week's adventure with our friend Henry. This week we get to conclude the arguement between Gordon and BoCo that begun with BoCo losing his guard and led to Percy and Mavis' dispute. The story continues in this week's episode entitled "The New Fuel" referencing how steam engines and diesel engines use different kinds of fuel.

In this episode Gordon thinks that he is on top of the world since BoCo left his guard behind while pulling the express. Gordon thinks that this proves he is far better than BoCo. The other engines are now sick of Gordon's bragging. James gets after Gordon one night, but Gordon fights back and jokes about the time James ran into some tar wagons. This just upsets James.
The next day Gordon is taking a train of fuel to the other railway. He is still being very rude. He arrives at Wellsworth and needs Henry to help him up the hill. The two engines work together and get the train to the top of the hill. On the way down Gordon sees a red signal and tries to stop. Henry doesn't see the signal and colides into the fuel tankers at the end of the train. The fuel flies all over Gordon covering him. He is very upset. BoCo is passing by with a passenger train and stops to help clean up the mess.
Gordon finally got what he deserved. He also got to try out diesel fuel for the first time. I think Gordon would be wise to just stick with coal and water for now. Be sure to check back next Thursday for an adventure with our favorite tram engine Toby in "Toby's Surprise Party" See you next week!

Watch the episode below!

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