Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Upload: Episode 17 - Brake Van Troubles

We've spent the last two weeks with friends on Edward's Branch line. This week we are heading back to the mainline to see what our good friend Henry has been up to. It's now summer time on the island of Sodor and the island has become very busy. Henry doesn't like all the extra work.

In this episode Henry has been complaining to the other engines about the extra work. The other engines are annoyed too, but not as much as Henry. Henry decides that the brake van at the end of his train is just adding extra weight making the train heavier. So he comes up with a plan to get rid of the brake van. When he is asked to take a train, he purposely shunts the break down crane in front of his brake van and then adds his train. He is running late and the foreman sees what has happened. So he just tells Henry to run without the brake van. Henry is pleased, but will he be able to properly brake now without his brake van?
I mainly wrote this episode because of the lack of brake vans in the early cgi series and the late model series. Hit Entertainment didn't see much of a point having them be there. I've always liked them they were more aesthetically pleasing to me. Even when I didn't have a Tomy brake van I would add a box car at the back of a train just to look better. Lately things have improved in the CGI series. In Season 16 brake vans were seen on almost every train and new brake vans were introduced to the series too. It seems like this will continue with Arc Productions from what I've seen with the King of the Railway Trailers.
Hope you enjoy this and understand why brake vans are important for braking. Also I heard that a DVD of Season 17 episodes is going to be released in April called Railway Mischief. I really hope the writing style has changed from the "3 strikes your out" story outline. If it doesn't change in this season then I will have lost almost all hope in the writing style improving any time soon. I just want them to go back to simple and creative stories while taking advantage of the fact that these stories are about trains and not just average people. Anyways be sure to come back next Thursday to see Percy and Mavis in a little dispute in Episode 18 - Diesel Danger!

Watch the episode below!

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