Thursday, April 18, 2013

Upload: Episode 18 - Diesel Danger

Any true Thomas fan should've enjoyed last weeks episode emphasizing on the important of brake vans. This week we get to head back up to Thomas' branchline to see what is happening between Percy and Mavis. Things haven't been going so well since Percy has begun listen to Gordon's rants about how evil diesels are.

In this episode Gordon is on another rant about diesels. Talking about how horrible they are and what not. Percy has been over hearing these rants. It scares little Percy when he hears about steam engines getting melted down. Percy begins believing Gordon about how awful these diesels are. That later causes troubles because it affects the way Percy treats Mavis the diesel engine. Mavis becomes upset. One day she decides to ask Percy about what's wrong. Percy explains about how scared he is and then suddenly becomes angry. He tells Mavis that she just like her stripes, Hazardous! Mavis becomes deeply offended. Will Percy be able to apologize and get Mavis' forgiveness?
This episode is really good at showing how we shouldn't stereo type people into certain categories or groups. Learn about an individual first before you make an assumption. Just like an old Thomas song goes "Don't Judge a Book By it's Cover" Be sure to come back next Thursday to watch our next adventure. Episode - 19 Inspector Troubles!

Watch the episode below!

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