Thursday, April 4, 2013

Upload: Episode 16 - BoCo & the Guard

Last week we enjoyed an adventure with the China Clay Twins. This week we get to enjoy another adventure about an engine who works on Edward's Branchline. Today's episode is about BoCo and his rivalry with Gordon. Gordon is complaining about how he use to meet up with steam engines, but now only diesels are on the other railway.

This episode begins with all the engines getting ready for the day's work at Tidmouth Sheds. Gordon is on another one of his rants about diesels. BoCo sits quietly in the sheds not even bothering about what Gordon is saying. After a while he begins to be annoyed. He finally snaps back and tells Gordon that he can pull the express just as good as him. The two engines then decide to trade jobs for the day so BoCo can pull the express.

BoCo becomes too anxious about pulling the express. He becomes impatient and ends up leaving the station too fast. The guard isn't able to hop aboard the train and BoCo leaves without him. Everyone is shocked to see what has happened. BoCo later gets stopped at Wellsworth Station. He finds this odd because the express only makes one stop at Crovan's Gate during the trip. BoCo finds out about his missing guard. What will he do now?

Hope you enjoyed this new adventure about our friend BoCo. Come back next Thursday and see Henry in Episode 17 - Brake Van Troubles

Watch the episode below!

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