Thursday, March 28, 2013

Upload: Episode 15 - Bill and the Coaches

James sure had a fun time last week with his adventure on Trickity track. This week we continue our adventures on Edward's Branch line. However Edward is away to the other railway so his jobs are divided up between Bill, Ben, and BoCo. The other engines are surprised to find out that Bill is upset about having to pull Coaches instead of Trucks.

In this episode Sir Topham Hatt comes down to the docks to inform Bill, Ben, and BoCo that they will be doing Edward's work while he is away at the other railway. Bill becomes upset when he has to pull coaches. (Secretly he is just scared because he has never pulled a passenger train before) BoCo tries to convince him about how easy it is to pull coaches. Bill is still upset. When he goes to collect the coaches. He carelessly bumps them. The coaches become very upset with Bill and want revenge. They bump him down Gordon's Hill and he almost crashes into a goods train.

After these events Bill definately does not want to pull coaches. He trades jobs with Ben and instead shunts trucks around the China Clay Works. Everything goes well for the swap between the two engines. Except one night Gordon is bringing a midnight express through when he runs out of coal. Ben has to go help him. When Bill wakes up he realizes he can't trade jobs. Will Bill be able to handle the coaches?

This is a good episode on mishaps and misunderstandings. Bill didn't want to make the coaches mad. He was just scared because he hadn't pulled a passenger train before. The coaches misunderstood Bill and sought revenge. Be careful and try to understand the whole story before you jump to a conclusion. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe! Also like our Facebook page and follow our News Blog. Next week we will get to see an episode about BoCo and a mishap with a guard. It's also cleverly titled too! Episode 16 - BoCo & the Guard. I know, such an original title!

Watch the episode below!

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