Thursday, March 21, 2013

Upload: Episode 14 - Trickity Track

Last week we enjoyed that fun adventure of Thomas and Bertie. This week we are pleased to release the next adventure, Episode 14 - Trickity Track! We are going back down to Edward's branchline for this episode. It centers around a bumpy piece of track that Edward and BoCo jokingly call Trickity Track.We'll see what problems this track can cause for the engines.

This episode begins with James becoming very cross at Edward for taking so long at the wash down. Later Edward is taking a train down his branchline and crosses over Trickity Track, a bumpy part of the line. The trucks joke and sing a song about trickity track. When Edward arrives at Knapford the trucks are still singing. The other engines are confused about trickity track. Edward explains it to them. James over hears and teases Edward about it. Edward doesn't mind.

Later Edward must go take some workmen up Duck's branchline. So Sir Topham Hatt asks James to pull Edward's goods train. James does so without a thought of the dangers of trickity track. James carelessly puffs down the line and approaches the bumpy tracks. Will James be able to stop himself from going off the track?

Remember to listen to others and not be stuck up like James. James should've been more careful about trickity track since hearing Edward complain about it. Listen to others to keep yourself safe is a good moral of this story. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Also, come back next Thursday to see our next adventure with the china clay twins in Episode 15 - Bill and the Coaches!

Watch the episode below!

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