Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Upload: Episode 12 - The Moaning Duck

Hope everyone enjoyed last week's episode of Gordon and his special guest. This week we are pleased to release Episode 12 - "The Moaning Duck" Lately Duck has been having some boiler troubles and its caused him to moan when he puffs. The big engines love to tease him about this. Normally Duck would fight back, but he is too tired to even try.

In this episode Duck has gotten a small crack in his boiler and has been causing him lots of boiler trouble. With this boiler trouble he has a hard time puffing and he moans when he puffs. The big engines think that his moaning is so funny. They enjoy teasing him about it. Duck is very annoyed, but doesn't have the energy to fight back like he normally would. James and Gordon each take their turns to make fun of Duck. Later Duck gets back to the yard and talks to Oliver about it. Oliver suggests that Duck ask Sir Topham Hatt if he can go to the works. (Obviously Oliver didn't mind being there.)

So Duck tries to ask Sir Topham Hatt that night at the sheds, but no use. Oliver just got back from the works so Duck's branchline is now running full power. Sir Topham Hatt doesn't want to take another engine away from the branchline. Duck now has to just tough it out sadly. The next day he is taking a passenger train to Knapford. James is at Knapford and finds out that he and Duck are set on a collision course. Will James be able to stop Duck in time?

This episode is a great lesson on how some predicaments in life can actually end up saving us in the end. Think of the positive end of things and just know in the end that everything will be alright. Be sure to come back next Thursday to see Episode 13 - A Friend with a Plead!

Watch the episode below!

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