Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Upload: Episode 13 - A Friend with a Plead

Hope everyone enjoyed last week's adventure with Duck. I know that Duck is a very popular character among older fans and since he doesn't get much airing time in recent series. I hope you enjoyed a new adventure about our classic friend. This week we get an adventure with our number one friend, Thomas the Tank Engine himself! This week's episode is entitled "A Friend with a Plead" kind of a twist on the old classic title "A Friend in Need" Hope everyone enjoys this new adventure about Thomas and Bertie.

In this episode Bertie has heard all about the differet accidents that engines have been having like Edward and his brakes, Percy's Haunted Jobs, etc. Bertie teases Thomas about all these accidents. Thomas becomes upset and fummes away angrily. Bertie doesn't seem to take any notice and goes about his work.
Thomas' branchline is in need for repairs on the tracks so Thomas is taking a train of workmen up the line to flag areas that need repairs. Thomas is busy all day taking the workmen around. Bertie later sees Thomas and tries to say hello, but Thomas is still cross and just ignores him. So Bertie continues on. He reaches Elsbridge station. The tracks on the railway crossing are in need of repair from the workmen that are with Thomas. Bertie drives on the crossing and his driver loses control and Bertie runs right into the signal box. Just moments later Thomas arrives with the workmen. Will Thomas be willing to help his friend?
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Watch the episode below!

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