Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Upload: Episode 11 - Gordon & the Farmer's visitor

Hope everyone enjoyed the two part adventure about Oliver and Mavis trying to do Percy's jobs. This week we're going back to the mainline to check in on our big friend Gordon the express engine. Last time we saw Gordon he got banned from taking the express after his incident with Henry and the express.


Now Gordon is back and working as hard as ever. He is very pleased to be pulling the express again. During his time off he had to shunt lots of trucks in dirty sidings and pull long goods train. If you know anything about the classic Gordon then you know how much he dislikes trucks. He even slid into a ditch to prevent him from pulling them.

In this episode Sir Topham Hatt is in yet another predictament. A special train of cattle arrived at the docks and no one is there to take it. Sir Topham Hatt knows that Gordon won't take it if he tells him it's trucks. So Sir Topham Hatt has come up with a clever idea. Since the cattle is only coming for a little while Sir Topham Hatt decides to call it "The Farmer's Special Visitor" to trick Gordon into thinking its some special guest.

When Gordon hears the about a special guest he is excited to take the train. When he gets to the docks he does notice that something is strange. His driver tries to make him think that everything is normal. Gordon believes him and hurries to take the visitor to the farm. On the way though Gordon can't help but notice how the visitor seems to be acting so strange. Toby meets Gordon at a junction and Toby can immediately tell that it is cattle. He tries to tell Gordon, but Gordon doesn't want to believe that he is taking dirty trucks instead of a special visitor. Will Gordon ever learn?

Be sure to check back next Thursday to see Episode 12 "The Moaning Duck" Where our good friend Duck tries to get over some boiler troubles.

Watch the episode below!

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