Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sights of Sodor - Sodor Castle Causeway

This week on the Island of Sodor, we journey up the line to see the Sodor Castle Causeway! Watch the little narrow gauge engines journey up and down the line throughout the whole day by checking out the latest video! 

Did I do a good job trying to replicate the castle in the TV series?

I don't know of anyone else who has remade this castle, but it was pretty fun to do out of foam. I drew up a design of what the  castle looked like and cut it out of foam and painted it and made the island that it is on. The building itself is actually a fa├žade. The building is only painted on the front side just for filming these scenes. I was disappointed that the castle itself was never actually used as part of a story in any of the earlier TV series episodes so I made at least one episode that centers around the castle. I think you guys will really enjoy it.

Watch video: Click Here!

What do you think of the time lapse of the whole day? Would you like to see more of the Sodor Castle Causeway? Let us know by commenting down below or in the YouTube comments section. I always appreciate feedback from my fans.
Come back next Wednesday to see another amazing location on Sodor!

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