Thursday, June 27, 2013

Upload: Episode 27 - The Vicar's Party

Hope you enjoyed last week's adventure with Thomas and Toby. This week we get to have an adventure with some of Thomas' roadway friends in an episode entitled "The Vicar's Party" We haven't had very many adventures with our non-rail friends, so I hope everyone enjoys these  adventures.
In this episode The Vicar of Wellsworth is getting ready for his annual garden party. Everyone is excited about it. One day Bertie and Trevor are talking about the party.  Bertie wonders how the Vicar plans to out do last year's party. Tevor isnt quite sure what he'll do to top it. Later Bertie disappointingly finds out that he won't be taking the children from the village in the valley. Caroline is instead going to take them. But while taking the children she begins to experience engine troubles. Will Bertie come help out?
This episode and the next one are sadly the only two episodes designated to not be just about the railways. The roadway characters in Thomas almost never have main roles they are always just supporting cast or will only make cameos. I think they add more variety to the series. So, I feel bad not having more episodes about these characters . I promise I will give these characters much more air time in future seasons.
I hope everyone enjoys seeing Bertie, Trevor, and Caroline.  Come back next Thursday for another episode about our roadway friends in "Terence & George" and I bet you cant guess who the main characters of this story will be.

Watch the episode below!

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Jonathan said...

The main characters of the next episode are George and Terence. Sadly, you lost the bet.