Thursday, June 20, 2013

Upload: Episode 26 - Market Day

Hope everyone enjoyed last week's adventure with James, Percy, and the Quarry Trucks. This week Thomas and Toby get to enjoy an adventure with cattle entitled "Market Day" Where we find that the two engines get different jobs than usual on market day.
In this episode Thomas and Toby are at Ffarquhar station when the station master comes out to tell them their new jobs for market day. Thomas is going to take a special train of cattle to the market and Toby gets to take a passenger train. The two engines don't normally get to do these jobs so today is a very exciting day for them. Thomas is excited because he thinks that cattle are easy to pull. Toby has worked with cattle before and knows the trouble they can cause.
Toby tries to warn Thomas, but Thomas is too cheeky for his own good and doesn't listen. Later Thomas finds trouble with the cattle cars and is upset. Toby is going around taking his passenger train when he sees Thomas. He can tell Thomas is having trouble and tries to give him some advice.  Thomas becomes upset at Toby's advice. Will Thomas be able to handle the cattle?
This episode teaches the lesson about listening to one another. Don't always think you know the only right way to do things. Others might have a better way and you'll only find out if you listen. Be sure to come back next Thursday for our new adventure in "The Vicar's Party"  be sure to come back because we only have a few more episodes till the season is over.
Watch the episode below!

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