Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Upload: Episode 25 - Quarry Trucks

Last week we enjoyed our good old friend Duck and his adventure in the water. This week we get to see how Percy and James are getting along with some of the naughtiest trucks on the island in an adventure entitled "Quarry Trucks" Because of how the bigger engines only put the naughtiest trucks in a siding that goes up to the quarry.

In this episode the opening explains how the trucks get moved around the yard. There is a special siding in the yard that the bigger engines shunt empty trucks from the mainline into. Percy collects the trucks and takes them up to the quarry. If the trucks don't get shunted into that siding they're used again on the mainline. The bigger engines notices this and only put the naughtiest trucks in that siding and now they cause problems for Percy and the other branch line engines.
One day the trucks had caused some problems for Percy the small engine. He tells Thomas & Toby about his troubles. James sees Percy complaining and tells him to stop whining. Percy gets cross and tells James he won't shunt him his goods train. So James shunts his own train, but ends up taking some of the quarry trucks. The naughtiest trucks on the island. James now has to deal with the tricks that these trucks have planned. Will he be able to handle it?
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Watch the episode below!

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