Monday, July 8, 2013

Upload: Episode 28 - Terence & George

Hope everyone enjoyed last week's adventure away from the rails. This week we get another episode about Thomas' roadway friends. I bet you'll never figure out who the main characters. And if you do I'll just tell you the title is "Terence & George" So it's probably going to be about George and Terence. These two vehicles haven't actually met each other before in both my series and in the TV series.

In this episode Terence leaves for the works because he is feeling ill. When he comes back he finds that the road next to his field is being paved by a road crew. The construction is very noisy and annoys Terence. In the midst of the construction, there to smooth out the new road is nonetheless George the steam roller. George doesn't seem to be too happy to be there.

Terence finally decides to ask George if they could be quieter. George just laughs at Terence. Terence later takes a cart to Elsbridge where he talks to Thomas and Bertie about George. Thomas remembers George all too well. That night Terence goes to sleep and George continues to pave the road. His crew isn't sure where the road should go so they pave through Terence's field. It's not a pleasant surprise for the farmer in the morning. What will Terence do?

Hope you enjoy this episode. That concluded the two roadway friends episodes for this season. I've already gone through and written a few more episodes about our roadway friends. They'll definitely be back in Season 2! Also, be sure to come back next Thursday for an adventure with our favorite Scottish twins in "Twin Races" See ya next week!

Watch the episode below!

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