Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upload: Thomas & Friends Prologue

This is the moment we have waited for, for 3 years. This has been an incredible journey and I'm personally glad that you could come and follow along. Today we are pleased to upload episode 1/30 for Season 1 of my New Original Tomica Thomas & Friends Series.

This first episode is entitled "Prologue" Because it doesn't fit in like a normal story. First of all there is no narrator in this episode, it is instead Thomas talking to you viewers. Second, this episode also takes place after the other 29 episodes in this season because as Thomas explains who each of his friends are he will also talk about the different adventures these friends encounter in the other 29 episodes.

The overall point of this episode is just to familiarize everyone with the series and the sets. As you can see none of the HiT entertainment characters or characters from the CGI era are appearing. This is because I stuck to the original classic series, mainly the first 4 seasons. So in a sense it can also follow along the lines as almost being a continuation of the Railway Series as well.

However as I began to write the second season I noticed that there were lots of undeveloped characters in the 5th series that I really loved when I was a child. So I decided to incorporate the 5th season of the original Thomas and Friends into my series. The timeline between the series goes as such.
  1. Season 1 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  2. Season 2 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  3. Season 3 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  4. Season 4 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  5. Season 1 of my Youtube series
  6. Season 5 of the Original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  7. Season 2 of my Youtube series
  8. My Feature Length Film (Currently in Production)
  9. Season 3 of my Youtube series
That is the timeline to which my series follows. I'm sure many of you are now going to be begging me and asking me to incorporate Seasons 6 & 7 and maybe even beyond so that characters like Emily, Salty, and Spencer can appear. I'm sad to dissappoint those of you who wish I would add them. I wish to stay close to the original series that was written by the Rev. W. Awdry so I will not be going beyond season 5 in the original Thomas & Friends series. I only incorporated Season 5 to add some more characters that I grew up loving.

Also many of you are probably wondering if I will be adding any characters of my own to the series. I can tell you the answer plain and simple. No. Mainly for 2 reason. First I hate the way that later in the series HiT Entertainment would introduce a character for one episode and then they would never be seen again. I personally believe that they miss out on so much story potential, but nevertheless I hate it because it is all for marketing.

The second reason is because I have seen alot of Youtube Thomas & Friends shows and several of them confuse me. Mainly because majority of the engines are ones they've made up. There is nothing wrong with that, but then it becomes less and less of the Thomas and Friends that we all grew up with. Those are the two main reasons why there will not be any new introduced characters in my series. I will say though that there may be background engines that will move around on the other railway, but none of them will be introduced and none of them will speak. So I hope you all get to enjoy the classic friends you love.

Go check out our first episode and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel, like our Facebook page, & follow our blog. Don't forget this is only the beginning of a lot of adventures that are to come. So hop on board and join us for this fun!

Next week all 4 prototype episodes from 2009
will be uploaded for episodes 2-5.
We apologize in advance for their poor quality!
Check out Episode #1 The Prologue

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Jonathan said...

I respect your decision to only use pre-season 6 characters but don't forget: one day, you will have to include characters from Seasons 6 and 7. However, may I please recommend not using any characters from Seasons 9 to 16 except for Rosie when the time comes?