Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Upload: Prototype Episodes

This week we are releasing not just one, but three episodes for our show. We would actually release four episodes but James and the tunnel trouble (aka: episode 2) was uploaded a few years ago. So instead we were releasing the other three episodes that were filmed alongside  James and the tunnel trouble. They are as follows: Toby's New Coach, Thomas' special guest, and Luck of the Scottish.

You may have already seen James and the tunnel trouble. But that's ok. This episode as well as the other three were filmed in 2009 when we were just barely getting started with the series. The quality is very poor. The camera work is very shaky and I was using a very basic program to edit it. We apologize in advance for the quality, but hope that this gives you an idea of where we've come from and what we've become. So in the story basically James teases Henry about stopping in his tunnel and James later runs out of steam in Henry's tunnel so Henry must come to the rescue.

In the episode Toby's New Coach, Toby is taking a long freight train along Thomas' branchline. When he arrives at a hill the heavy freight train is too much for Toby's coupling. It snaps and Henrietta and the rest of the train have to go for repairs. Toby is upset with Henrietta being gone, but even more upset when the temporary replacement coach is mean to him.

Later in Thomas' Special Guest, Thomas is asked to take Lady Hatt and her friends to meet with Sir Topham Hatt for a very special railroad meeting. Thomas is excited, but as he is taking the passenger train one of the guest's keeps remarking how Sir Topham Hatt needs to scrap these steam engines and get more Diesels like BoCo. Every time Thomas stops he becomes more and more upset with the guest. What will Thomas do about this guest?

Also in Luck of the Scottish, James is being careless and teasing as usual. One day when Donald gets home from a long day's work James teases Donald for his 'bad luck'. James says that Donald has Bad Luck of the Irish. Everyone is confused because James doesn't understand that Donald and Douglas are Scottish, not Irish. This irritates Donald and he tries to avoid James. While he is taking a goods train he gets stuck on the viaduct and only James can come and help him. Much to Donald's dismay. But as the two approach Knapford Station Donald's driver decides to pull a prank on James.

These 4 prototype episodes are very old (Almost 4 years!) and we apologize again for the poor quality. We knew though that there were at least some fans out there who would like to know what happened in episodes 3-5. If you don't like them very much, don't worry! These are so old that the writing style has been improved much and as you can see from the Prologue and the Clips that our new sets are so much more pleasing to watch.
Watch each protoype episode below
James & the Tunnel Trouble
Toby's New Coach
Thomas' Special Guest
Luck of the Scottish

Next week's episode: Don't be Quick!
(Normal, not prototype)
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