Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upload: Episode 6 - Don't Be Quick

We apologize for not uploading a normal episode last week, but hoped you enjoyed the plots from the prototype episodes. The camera work is pretty hard to enjoy. Today we are proud to release episode 6 of the first season. It is entitled "Don't Be Quick" This episode was actually not the first to be solely filmed on individual sets.
This episode was actually the first episode I attempted to film. Months before I filmed the prototype episodes. This episode was the first prototype. It was filmed with no senery and was very basic. After filming this I realized many mistakes with my camera and my computer. Correction of these mistakes eventually lead us to this version we have now.
This episode is a classic case for Gordon the express engine. He is being boastful and rude as he often is. So one day he boasts to Henry about how fast he is and gets mad at Henry for being late. Henry is upset. Later though Gordon doesn't want to look bad in front of Henry. So he is determinded to go faster than ever when pulling the express, but things take a turn for the worst when he gives the passengers a rough ride. They end up getting bounced around the coaches and their luggage gets damaged.
Once the express stops, an angry mob forms outside Sir Topham Hatt's office. Sir Topham Hatt recieves word of what Gordon has caused. So Sir Topham Hatt promises to pay for any damages and then goes with Henry to get to the bottom of this whole mess with Gordon. Sir Topham Hatt finds Gordon in the sheds and tells him to not be quick! We hope you enjoy this classic plot of Gordon and the express. Come back next week and learn about Percy and his trouble with the mail in "Wet Letters"
Watch the episode below
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