Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Upload: Episode 7 - Wet Letters

Last week we got to enjoy Gordon at his usual with the express. This week we get to see another part of Sodor with Percy as he takes the mail. We are pleased to release episode 7 of the first season. It is entitled "Wet Letters" This was the first episode chronologically to be filmed only on individual sets. It was filmed on 7 different sets during the period of filming 40 sets in 2011.

In the newer Hit Entertainment series of Thomas & Friends the mail is only Percy's job and he usually pulls it during the day along with his other jobs. I'm not a big fan of the Hit Entertainment series and so I brought the mail train back to where it began back in Season 3 in "Thomas, Percy, & the Mail" The mail is delivered to the stations at night so that Tom Tipper and the other postmen can get the mail to everyone by morning. Also Percy isn't the sole engine of the mail train who takes it all around the island. The original mail system from Season 3 is seen. As a mainline mail train collects the mail from a ship at the docks and takes it to the different branchline terminals along the mainline so the mail and be productively shipped. Unlike in the newer series.

Donald is taking the mainline mail train tonight and delivers it to Percy at Thomas' branchline terminal (Knapford Station) Percy then takes the mail up the line to places like Elsbridge and Ffarquhar. Tonight Percy is in a rush after being delayed by Donald. He misses Tom Tipper and tries to go even faster. But when the crew unloaded the mail bags at Elsbridge a mail coach's door didn't lock properly and as Percy is puffing along the line the door bumps open and some mail falls into a river beside the tracks. Later Percy can't find the mail and is worried about what Sir Topham Hatt will do when he finds out.

We hope you enjoy a classic tale of Percy and the mail train and hope you come back next Thursday for an episode about Edward and the china clay twins in "Edward's Jammed Brakes"

Watch the episode below!

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