Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Full Episode Gordon's Snowy Surprise

This week on the Island of Sodor, It's winter on the Island of Sodor! Everyone is busy with the winter holidays. Thomas is tired of wearing his snowplow and plowing his branchline. Gordon laughs that he never has to use one, but will Gordon have his own adventure with the snow?

This episode and several others from Season 2 were filmed alongside Season 1. You will notice the difference in quality, especially the 4:3 aspect ratio (square) vs. the 16:9 aspect ratio. (rectangle)

Snowy/Christmas themed episodes were planned for season 2 back when I was filming season 1. I knew that I wanted some inclusion of the winter holidays. I used different methods for snow, but I'll explain that in posts about other snowy episodes.

Watch video: Click Here!

If you enjoyed a snowy story, if you want to see more of them, be sure to comment down below or in the youtube comments section. I always appreciate feedback from my fans.
Hope you enjoy this new adventure! Come back next Wednesday for more adventures from the Island of Sodor!

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