Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Full Episode Little Red Friends

Sir Topham Hatt has exciting news for the little engines. He tells them that the Talyllyn Railway has requested that one engine come help them. Sir Topham Hatt sends Rheneas to help out. Skarloey is sad to see his best friend leave. Will the other engines be able to cheer him up?

This episode hits home to me, I have a very close friend who left to the Philippines to do service. Anyone who has said goodbye to a very close friend understands why Skarloey was so sad. And Skarloey had good reason to be sad. Last time Rheneas was gone he was gone for a long time. The great thing about life is that there is never truly a goodbye, it's only just a 'see you later!' I know that for sure.

Also, the title is a play on the classic story 'Little Red Hen.' I wouldn't be surprised if not very many people got the joke.

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