Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Full Episode Busiest on Sodor

This week on the Island of Sodor, Percy has had a long day and is very tired. Percy tells Harold about how tired he is, but Harold thinks that Percy isn't very busy. After an argument with Thomas and Percy, Harold tells them that he is the busiest out of anyone on Sodor. Will Harold learn how busy everyone else is too?

This episode and several others from Season 2 were filmed alongside Season 1. You will notice the difference in quality, especially the 4:3 aspect ratio (square) vs. the 16:9 aspect ratio. (rectangle)

The original idea for this episode was Harold's Mountain Adventure, but I realized that it wouldn't be very easy to make a whole episode centering around Harold rescuing a climber. So I combined it with another idea I had about an engine telling everyone that they are the busiest on the island.

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Hope you enjoy this new adventure! Come back next Wednesday for more adventures from the Island of Sodor!

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Congrats on the version of Knapford Station