Friday, July 12, 2013

Upload: Episode 29 - Twin Races

We are now down to our final 2 episodes of this season. Donald and Douglas finally get to star as the main characters in this one. It is entitled "Twin Races" I bet you can never guess what those twins are going to be up to in this episode. I hope you guys can see my sarcasm in a lot of this. Anyways, I think everyone will like this episode and the the adventure that the scottish twins get to have.
I must explain something. So far after 28 episodes Donald and Douglas have never been the main characters of an episode, they have only been supporting characters. I need to apologize for that. I do really like Donald and Douglas and I hope that in the future they can return to the TV series. The reason why they have had so little roles is because when I was writing this first season a few years ago I only owned Donald. I eventually got Douglas, but I wrote for a while with Donald being the only twin appearing in my stories. When I got Douglas I changed a few of Donald's roles to Douglas. Only problem was that I had not an episode of them together. So I came up with this episode.
In this episode Donald and Douglas are tired of double heading trains together. So when Sir Topham Hatt asks them to double head another train. They demand that they pull it separate. To make things more interesting too they decide to divide the long train in half and then the two engines race to get the train to the other side of the island. The twins like this idea. They begin the race and fly down the tracks side by side. I love this race scene because of the Thomas and Bertie's Great Race theme in the background. It's classic Thomas racing with some of our favorite old friends. Who is going to win this race?
During the race there is a good lesson about thinking ahead and making sure you can do everything you need to. Towards the end there is  a very good lesson on how even if friends or siblings bug you and you are annoyed with them you still go and help them. You don't just leave them on the side of line. Well, it's a weird moment. There is only one more episode left in this season. Obviously there hasn't been a building overall plot or anything that will be concluded. Instead, we are going to get a very basic story with the main character of the series, Thomas himself. Be sure to come back next Thursday for the Season Finale Episode 30 - Pride of Sodor.
Watch the episode below!

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