Thursday, December 27, 2012

Upload: CLIP: Market Day

The new series is less than a month away! So to get everyone excited for it, each week we are uploading a new clip from a different episode showing a scene to give everyone an idea of the episode. Five episode clips will be uploaded each week on Thursday until January 10 when the Prologue will finally be uploaded.

This week we are proud to release a clip from the episode "Market Day" In the episode Thomas thinks that pulling cattle cars is an easy job. Toby disagrees and tries to warn Thomas, but Thomas becomes to careless and bumps the doors open on the cattle cars. The cattle stray onto the line and block the tracks at the junction. Luckily Toby arrives to help a friend in need.

In the clip you can see that Toby and Thomas just received their orders. Toby is taking a passenger train and Thomas is taking a train of cattle for Market Day. Toby tries to warn Thomas about being careless, but Thomas is too cheeky to care and hurries away. With that Toby goes to do his work and Thomas is left struggling to keep a handle on the cattle cars.

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Check out the clip below!

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