Thursday, December 20, 2012

Upload: CLIP: Bill & the Coaches

The new series is less than a month away! So to get everyone excited for it, each week we are uploading a new clip from a different episode showing a scene to give everyone an idea of the episode. Five episode clips will be uploaded each week on Thursday until January 10 when the Prologue will finally be uploaded.

This week we are proud to release a clip from the episode "Bill & the Coaches" In the episode Edward has gone to the other railway and his jobs are divided between Bill, Ben, and BoCo. Bill has to take a passenger train around the island. When he picks up the coaches he happens to bump them a little too hard.

In the clip you can see that the coaches are out for revenge against Bill. So while he his taking the passengers around the island they make plans to get back at him. Bill climbs up Gordon's Hill and when he gets to the top the coaches push him down the tracks. Will Bill run into the goods train at the bottom of the hill or will he be able to stop the train.

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Check out the clip below!

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