Thursday, December 6, 2012

Upload: CLIP: The Moaning Duck

The new series is a little over a month away! So to get everyone excited for it, each week we will upload a new clip from a different episode showing a scene to give everyone an idea of the episode. Five episode clips will be uploaded each week on Thursday until January 10 when the Prologue will finally be uploaded.

This week we are proud to release a clip from the episode "The Moaning Duck" In the episode Duck has been having boiler troubles and keeps getting harrassed by the bigger engines and sadly Sir Topham Hatt can't afford to send Duck to the works.

In the clip you can see that James is stranded on the platform and is on a collision course with Duck because of a very tired signal man. James can't get help since he has no driver to whistle, but luckily Duck's moaning will wake up the signal man and save both of them from a nasty accident.

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Check out the clip below!
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