Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Full Episode Henry's Special Delivery

Henry is sad that he doesn't have a special train to himself. Percy tries to comfort him, but it is no use. Later Sir Topham Hatt finally gives Henry a special job, but as Henry is pulling the Sodor Winter Carnival Special, will he learn what really makes a special job so special?

This episode and several others from Season 2 were filmed alongside Season 1. You will notice the difference in quality, especially the 4:3 aspect ratio (square) vs. the 16:9 aspect ratio. (rectangle)

I mocked specials before in the episode Kick the Bucket, where Duke makes fun of the word specials. I wrote this episode long before that one, so this was one of my first attempts to make fun of the Sharon Miller era of writing. If my memory serves me correct, I wrote this during season 14-15 which was when the 3 strikes and specials were at their peak.

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