Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Full Episode Acts of Kindness

During the winter on the island of Sodor, everything is very cold. The snow can become a very big problem. Duck finds out that Mrs. Kyndley's cottage is snowed in and she cannot return home and now has no place to stay. Will Duck find a place for Mrs. Kyndley?

This episode and several others from Season 2 were filmed alongside Season 1. You will notice the difference in quality, especially the 4:3 aspect ratio (square) vs. the 16:9 aspect ratio. (rectangle)

I hope someone realized that I named this episode because Duck was being kind to Mrs. Kyndley. Her name was very fitting. The snow in this episode as with all the older episodes is actually potato flakes spread out on my grassy filming sets. I wouldn't recommend this because it was a pain. Maybe on just a set or two, but I did this on over 20 different sets and it became more of a pain than anything.

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Thomas & Friends said...

We did say Duck certainly is a kind engine