Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Full Episode Kick the Bucket

This week on the Island of Sodor, Duke has been asked to pull a very special passenger train. Peter Sam doesn't think he'll be able to do it because of his old age. But when Duke ends up kicking the bucket, who can come take the special train?

I remember the first time I ever heard the phrase, "kick the bucket." I was watching the movie, "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World." In the beginning of the movie an old man had just gotten in a car accident and was laying on the side of a hill. Several people come to see what happened. While they are checking to see if he is alive, the old man has a sudden twitch and ends a bucket next to his foot. The man checking his pulse then remarks. "Well he kicked the bucket."

Being very young, I didn't know what the phrase meant and I had to ask my dad. He informed me and I always thought that it was a funny little pun. So I wanted have an episode where an engine gets to kick the bucket.

Watch video: Click Here!

You may have noticed Duke liked to make fun of the "Specials." This was in reference to Seasons 13-16 of the TV series where every job was a special. I wrote that in as a joke to the Sharon Miller era. If you like little jokes and easter eggs about the new Thomas & Friends TV series be sure to comment down below or in the youtube comments section. I always appreciate feedback from my fans.
Hope you enjoy this new adventure! Come back next Wednesday for more adventures from the Island of Sodor!

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