Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Full Episode Mavis & the Trucks

This week on the Island of Sodor, Mavis is sent away to work on Duck's branchline, The Little Western, until blasting is over at the quarry. When Mavis returns she finds exciting new areas of the quarry to explore, but the troublesome trucks enjoyed their break. Will Mavis be able to handle the trucks or will the trucks get the better of her?

This episode and several others from Season 2 were filmed alongside Season 1. You will notice the difference in quality, especially the 4:3 aspect ratio (square) vs. the 16:9 aspect ratio. (rectangle)

Watch video: Click Here!

In season 1 Mavis never really got the spotlight all to herself. In Haunted Jobs, she shared the spotlight with the other engines tell her about the haunted jobs. In Diesel Danger, she was a side character next to Percy. I wanted to give Mavis an episode all to herself and be about the quarry. So this is what I came up with.
Hope you enjoy this new adventure! Come back next Wednesday for more adventures from the Island of Sodor!


Lianne Graham said...

How do u get to make a layout

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