Monday, October 1, 2012

Official Sidekickjason Thomas & Friends Blog

Welcome to my Official News Blog for my upcoming Thomas & Friends series that will be airing on Youtube. Here I will post updates and progress of my show and I will post behind the scenes features where I will explain how an episode came to be or funny little things that happened in the production of the episode.

I will have links to my Youtube channel and my Facebook page so don't forget to go to the links and subscribe and like them. Trust me this show will be worth it. I have been planning this for years and production has taken along time and I'm almost ready to upload.

I've currently completed 22/30 episodes in the 1st season and I have filmed all the 1st season and half of the 2nd season. So I am working on editing them and getting them ready. I have divided the 2nd season into 2 parts. The Standard Gauge (with Christmas episodes) and the Narrow Gauge. I filmed all the Standard Gauge with the 1st season and I'm working on writing part of the 3rd season so I can film all the Narrow Gauge scenes at one time.

Once I have determined a day. I will upload 1 episode once a week probably on Wednesday or Thursday. I haven't decided. So for now to promote my upcoming show I have uploaded little clips of my show on Youtube in little advertisements for most of the main characters. I have gotten lots of positive feedback. This was the first time that people really got to see what my new sets look like and I've never gotten so many subscribes in such a short time. I'm really grateful to all my fans.

I'll let you know when I decide a day to upload my first official episode. Thanks for your support. Don't forget to follow me and make sure to Subscribe to me on Youtube and Like me on Facebook.

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